Justice and Peace

In 1996, by vote of the congregation, Edgewood adopted a Just Peace Covenant and became a Just Peace congregation. As a result, when we read the scriptures, make financial decisions, and seek to do God’s work in the world, we do so with an eye toward social and economic justice and peacemaking. We believe that economic injustice is a primary cause of suffering in the world and that we are called by our faith to advocate on behalf of those in need and to give of our talent and time and money to make a just world.



  • to respond as a community of hope to God’s call to nurture the growth of peace and justice within ourselves and to work for justice and peace in our church, our community, our nation, and our world neighborhood;
  • to discover God’s presence and message by standing with the poor, the victims of injustice, and those on the margin of society;
  • to conduct our common life in ways that reflect God’s inclusiveness of people of all nationalities, races, ages, abilities, genders,gender identities, and sexual orientations.

See Edgewood’s Open and Affirming Covenant adopted in 1998.


See our Justice & Peace Working Groups for action on economic and racial justice, immigration reform, demilitarization and the UN, sustainable development, prison concerns, and others.


See the Justice & Peace Task Force recommendations for strategic and effective individual giving for social and economic justice:  To Whome Shall We Give, 2018-2019.


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